Image of Tracey Shirtcliff

Meet CEO Tracey Shirtcliff, shortlisted for Campaign’s Digital Mavericks 2017 Award

Driving the digital and tech agenda Campaign Digital Mavericks celebrates women at the forefront of digital and technology innovation. They are the innovators, pioneers, catalysts and champions of the advertising and marketing services industry. Women Read More

Agency software integration drives success

Agency software integration – a key driver to success

Agency software integration drives success. But how do you ensure your software is not making the task a messy and expensive one? GUEST BLOGGER Terry McMillan from integration partner Accountability Access explains.  

Overservicing: the elephant in the room

Overservicing: 5 steps to dealing with the elephant in the room.

Overservicing shortchanges your clients and your agency. As I flick through some industry reports the relationship between overservicing and profitability comes sharply into focus. Agency profitability relies on the control of three things: the amount you Read More

Archaic rather than new agency tecchnology

Could a new agency technology take your job?

Ignore new technologies at your peril IF disruption is happening at break neck speed across industries: from Uber completely rewriting the taxi landscape to Airbnb reshaping the hotel stay, to Facebook creating more user-generated content Read More

ScopeMark quality mark

Introducing Scope – the world’s first data-driven agency benchmarking tool

Scoping is more of an art than a science and one of the few agency processes that is still conducted in the dark, without commercial rigour .. until now. Hello. You may know me, I Read More

Starting a new venture

8 things to remember when starting a new venture

I’d like to think of myself as an entrepreneur, a maverick or maybe I’m just crazy. I built and sold a highly successful business that produced award winning software (Traffic & Traffic LIVE). It grew Read More