Welcome to the Virtu Group

We are a world-class innovation and software development company, specialising in the marketing sector.

Our cloud-based software tools are designed to empower your business, helping you make better decisions using the power of big data.

We create intelligent software solutions designed to streamline and optimise processes, solving live business challenges in real time.

We are a team of big-picture, best-in-class thinkers and doers from diverse backgrounds. Our founder created the number one resource management system used in creative agencies worldwide – Traffic Live! If you’re interested in joining us, click here.

Our star product is Scope, the first fully comprehensive big-data-based project and retainer scope costing tool on the market. It allows you to estimate costs and resources for any agency scope of work using live data from hundreds of agencies worldwide. Find out more here.

We want to revolutionise how scope of work estimates are put together.

To turn the creation of scopes from an art to a science, giving everyone access for the first time to a common industry standard.

To use big data to empower agencies to create scopes that are based on fact, not guesswork.

To take the power to hammer budgets out of the hands of procurement departments and put it back in the hands of the agencies who know the work inside out.

Direct from the Agencies

We take anonymised live data from over a million projects from over 700 agencies all across the globe, from the big behemoths to the bijou boutiques

The ‘Big’ Data

This huge amount of data is then categorised, processed and analysed using our proprietary software.

The Engine

A thorough and robust analysis using intelligent algorithms and data modelling ensures that the estimates produced are as reliable and as accurate as possible.

Clever Predictions

A smart, thoroughly-tested, easy-to-use interface creates instant, precise estimates for your scopes of work. Estimates which you can trim to suit your business and budgeting needs

Meet: the ScopeMark

To make it as easy as possible for you to show that your scope of work estimates have been calculated using Scope, we recommend adding the ScopeMark to all Scoped estimates.

That way its immediately apparent to your clients that you have the rigor and they, the necessary confidence to reply on your estimates for work. ScopeMark mean you are using the biggest industry database that exists, your costs are based on fact, not best guess or whim.

We are always looking for people who want to make a difference, like to work hard and play hard.

If you a developer, a sales person, have a world class view of operations, done some amazing marketing, or just know agencies really well, then get in touch.

We are looking for people like you.