Welcome to The Virtù Group

We are a world-class innovation and software development company, specialising in the marketing sector.

Our cloud-based software tools are designed to empower your business, helping you make better decisions using the power of big data.

We create intelligent software solutions designed to streamline and optimise processes, solving live business challenges in real time.

We are a team of big-picture, best-in-class thinkers and doers from diverse backgrounds. Our founder created the number one resource management system used in creative agencies worldwide – Traffic Live! If you’re interested in joining us, Contact Us.

The first and cornerstone tool from The Virtu Group is Scope. Scope is an online tool for collaborating, benchmarking, approving and analysing scopes of work and managing budgets. Adopted by some of the largest advertisers and agencies worldwide, the scalable platform streamlines scope processes, defines agency deliverables, resources and pricing to drive greater value from client-agency partnerships. It’s revolutionary. Visit scopebetter for more information.